QUEEN OF SHEBA • Arrived with a big kitty (67cm x 101cm)

The most elementary rules of education say that you should notify your host if you plan to attend the party or the hotel with your cat (especially if the feline weighs 60 kilos!), but deep down, who would dare to tell you anything with that big black cat by the hand … and also if you had the courtesy to bring the kitten on a leash!

In this SHAG serigraph, we find one of its archetypal situations with mysterious characters full of mid-century modernism details such as the stairs, the lattice design, or the armchair. We do not know who the Queen of Sheba will be, but from the boy with the suitcases, it seems that he has come to stay a season, as little as the lady in green likes it…

The “QUEEN OF SHEBA” limited edition serigraph (200 copies) is almost sold-out in the USA. We sincerely thank SHAG for hand-signing and numbering these PPs to his 2nd gallery in Europe, in Budapest. These P/P serigraphs include the Certificate of Authenticity (C.O.A.) issued by the gallery.

EDITION SIZE: 200 (2016

C.O.A.: PP N/A

RETRO FRAMED SIZE: 67cm x 101cm

This serigraph was sold to an American collector on June 4th. in 2022.



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RETRO-FRAME: Custom made 4cm wide white matte Italian wood frame, matted with 7.5cm wide brow or orange acid-free archival mat boards covered with 2mm art-glass for archival longevity.


SHAG’s limited editions introduced in Budapest are produced using the silk-screen (serigraph) printing method. Serigraphy for additional color depth, saturation, density, and texture are a perfect match to SHAG’s painting style.

He is collaborating with Kolibri Art Studio atelier in Los Angeles for decades for unparalleled quality at enormous sizes for always a small, limited edition of 200 serigraphs only. Anywhere from 10 to 25 colors (some colors are printed twice for optimum quality) with hand color-separation, required 2 months to print since it is very labor-intensive to complete these unique editions. His media choice is always the US-made, 100% rag 2 or 4-ply “Rising Museum Board” brand, acid-free, thick archival paper, only with 5cm margins left outside the live area. For the finish, SHAG requires a very expensive UV matte clear coat application made for silk-screen printing for preserving the extra longevity of the serigraph print.

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