Shag "RETRO POP-ART" creative artist

SHAG’s editions are only available by personally visiting our gallery in Budapest effective 2023 March.

SHAG (a.k.a. Josh Agle) is the heartbeat of the recent art scene in Southern-California for the past 25 years. The legendary artist has earned his acclaim for using vintage illustration art forms and aesthetics to convey poignant, contemporary messages about society.

But don’t let his edgy attitude and sly sense of humor fool you — he’s a family man in the hearth, who celebrates a mellow SoCal lifestyle residing in a mid-century home tucked away in a wooded valley.

SHAG is the paint brush behind those well-known martini-clutching ladies and gentlemen who exist amidst angular lines and bright colors. The women with beehive hairdos hanging by palm tree-lined pools, cool-cat men maybe partying with alligators, while black felines prowl the edges.

Working as an illustrator has given Shag the opportunity to collaborate with Disney Studios, Disneyland, Lucasfilm, Warner Brothers and CBS Studios, Playboy, Coca-Cola and many more. SHAG illustrated for the TIME, FORBES and Hollywood’s Entertainment Weekly magazines. His art collected by Whoopi Goldberg, Ben Stiller, Nancy Sinatra and many other celebrities.

In Budapest, Hungary now SHAG’s limited-edition art offered. They are all hand-signed / numbered and part of artist’s and printer’s proof batch on silkscreen Serigraphs archival 100% cotton Museum Board art-paper.

Born: 1962, Sierra Madre, CA USA
Lives & work: Los Angeles, CA, USA
Exhibitions: Venetian Casino in Las Vegas, City of Palm Springs, Georgia Aquarium Atlanta

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