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RIZZI "ORIGINALS POP-ART" creative artist

Even during his lifetime, James Rizzi (1950 – 2011) was one of the most popular artists of all time, a true Pop Artist. He first claim to fame was the invention of 3D paper sculptures and 3D magnetic images that have been inseparably linked with his name since the 1970s. He also made his mark as a creator of drawings and of unique acrylics.

He put his artistic stamp on a multitude of different products, from postage stamps to cars, from sneakers to jet planes.

Rizzi’s inimitable personal style – characterized by clear shapes separated by a black line, and vibrant colors –, his humor and optimism, inherent in all his works, are being loved by millions of fans all over the world.

His favorite subject matter was pulsating city life, life in his city – New York. And while Rizzi’s works are immediately accessible, one can still discover new details with every fresh glance.

Rizzi’s accomplisments:

1993 – Designed of boxing jacket for European boxing champion Henry Maske

1994 – Designed porcelain vase, container, and pitcher for Rosenthal

1994 – Designed Metrocard for New York City Metro

1995 – Nomination as official artist of the Olympic Games in Atlanta, GA, USA

1995 – Designed ashtray and graphic for Philipp Morris

1997 – Designed the poster and graphics for the Montreux Jazz Festival

1998 – Designed the poster for New York Marathon, it was sold out within 27 days

1998 – Official artist of Winter Olympics in Nagano, Japan

1998 – Official artist of Football World Cup in France, appointed by the FIFA

1998 – Painted for Volkswagen the Beetle

James Rizzi • R
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