American and International Pop & Fine Art Gallery

American and International Pop & Fine Art Gallery

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Kollibri Art Studio Eu

We are determined to bring the Hungarian collectors access to the 20th and 21st century American pop art, art deco and fine art masterpieces.

What pop-art style means to us

We believe in the outstanding and lasting value of the fresh, humorous and classically elegant pop art masterpieces. We are convinced that these works will be an exciting discovery for collectors in Hungary.

Relatively large dimensions, massive and bold colors and thematic combinations create a fresh and cheerful atmosphere. At the same time, elegance, harmony and refined taste are equally characteristic of these value-conscious masterpieces of pop art.


Discover our whys, our history and our ambitions

Bernard Barna Fekete, Founder, and GM of Kolibri Art Studio Europe Kft, was born in Budapest, Hungary. At the age of 17 in the early 1970s escaped from the Russian-controlled communist regime of his birth country. After receiving political asylum in France, he emigrated to the United States, where he spent 48 years chasing the “American Dream” successfully in Los Angeles, California.
In the last cinematic decades of his American career, he passionately led as Executive Director of Kolibri Art Studio, Inc., a hugely popular graphic design studio in Los Angeles, California.

The highly awarded American ATELIER PRINT – STUDIO has over 30 years of professional experience. It provides its clients worldwide with low-volume artist print services using serigraphy, giclee and fusion processes, winning over 100 professional awards. And they do this by creating FINE-ART publications of unparalleled quality to this day.

Bernard worked closely 24/7 with the top US artists and publishers at the highest archival standards and has exceptional knowledge acquired at Kolibri Art Studio, Inc. for all fine-art printmaking process without a doubt.

He was responsible for the entire process of creating museum-quality reproductions from initial contact to the final delivery, ensuring that customers were receiving unparalleled quality serigraphs or giclée print editions. He also followed the US art-shows and events, successfully executed many sales and marketing duties while maintaining professional contact with the studio’s clients while in the United States.

To lead a quiet life over a year ago, he relocated with his wife Aniko back to Budapest, Hungary. They contemplated the American lifestyle troughs pop and illustration art, which is impressive and unique to their new residence. At the fall or 2021, Kolibri Art Studio Europe Kft. in Budapest, Hungary was born to introduce these collectible prints to this part of Europe, mostly created by Kolibri Art Studio, Inc. in the United States.

Now, Bernard and Aniko endeavors with their US partners to showcase the 20th and the 21st. century American pop and illustrator art to prospective collectors as a high-end home or corporate décor option, now making available in Budapest from 2021. They are the exclusive and sole representative of these unique arts of living American artists, such as Britto, Fazzino, and Shag, with their signed and limited editions first time in this region – it is a privilege.

They are the exclusive and sole representative of these unique arts of living American artists, to whom they personally know for decades, such as BRITTO, FAZZINO, and SHAG, with their signed and limited editions first time in this region – it is a privilege.


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Gallery +36-30-384-1104
EU Cell: +36-30-384-1104
US Cell: +1-424-558-0065


Head Office: 1026, Budapest, Radna u. 3. Hungary Gallery: 1027, Budapest, Margit Krt. 20. Hungary

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