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Shag – “BUNNY AND THE BEASTS” (Bunny Yeager & Betty Page)

Legendary Florida Pin-Up photographer Linnea Eleanor “Bunny” Yeager was probably most famous for her studio photography of the iconic Betty Page. She used cheetahs, leopards, and other predators with great gusto!

“Bunny” Yeager’s spectacular photoshoots in Florida had a lot to do with Betty Page’s inauguration as the undisputed Queen of Pin-Ups and her continuing legend. His pictures were vivid and extremely dynamic. He liked active poses and a direct gaze into the camera lens, which he could alternately interpret as playful innocence or pure seductive desire. His mildly erotic work appeared in Playboy and a flood of post-war men’s magazines.

SHAG recreates it as he envisioned one of their photo shoots. There is no shortage of sideways glances from other models who may be jealous, various feline predators, and secondary characters (male) who are lurking. We hope you will like it and find the perfect place in your home or office for this 15-color serigraph full of wonderfully colorful cheetahs and leopards.

This 2022 limited edition number (200) is almost sold out in the USA. This T.P. (Trial Proof) 20/25 numbered serigraph were hand-signed and numbered by SHAG (Josh Agle) for his second gallery in Europe, Budapest. Includes the Certificate of Authenticity (C.O.A.) issued by our gallery.

EDITION SIZE: 200 (2022)

C.O.A.: T.P. (Trial Proof) 20/25

RETRO FRAMED SIZE: 76cm x 144cm



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DESCRIPTION: SHAG’s limited editions introduced in Budapest are produced using the silk-screen (serigraph) printing method. Serigraphy for additional color depth, saturation, density, and texture are a perfect match to SHAG’s painting style.

He is collaborating with Kolibri Art Studio atelier in Los Angeles for decades for unparalleled quality at enormous sizes for always a small, limited edition of 200 serigraphs only. Anywhere from 10 to 25 colors (some colors are printed twice for optimum quality) with hand color-separation, required 2 months to print since it is very labor-intensive to complete these unique editions. His media choice is always the US-made, 100% rag 2 or 4-ply “Rising Museum Board” brand, acid-free, thick archival paper, only with 5cm margins left outside the live area.

For the finish, SHAG requires a very expensive UV matte clear coat application made for silk-screen printing for preserving the extra longevity of the serigraph print.

FRAMING INFORMATION: Custom made 5cm wide, white Italian lacquered wood frame, with 2cm wide orange colored inner frame. This framed serigraph comes without glass, which is not necessarily due to the size and the serigraph nature since already a UV satin varnish was already applied for longevity. At this stage, the display is approved by the artist. If requested we can place a 2mm art-glass over the image.

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