MISSTEP – At the Loewy villa in Palm Springs designed in 1946 (52cm x 109cm)

This 2020 “MISSTEP – William Powell falls in the pool in Palm Springs” serigraph depicts the Palm Spring house designed by Albert Frey in 1946, which included a pool that extends inside of the open living room. The greatest advocate of modern architecture on the West Coast, architect Albert Frey built this modern mansion for his client, legendary industrial designer Raymond Loewy.

Loewy designed countless objects that you would still recognize today, such as the Coca-Cola bottle, Greyhound buses, the futuristic Studebaker Avanti automobile, and timeless logos like Lucky Strike, Shell, US Mail, or BP, for his client, legendary industrial designer Raymond Loewy.

Anyway, Loewy didn’t devise surely one thing was her guest’s plan (actor William Powell) to trip and fall into the pool accidentally. Legend has it that the actor would not feel embarrassed; Loewy jumped into the pool immediately behind.

SHAG produced these 200 serigraphs (SOLD-OUT already) to coincide with Palm Springs Modernism Week, which is held every year in the Californian desert city where the artist resides. We sincerely thank SHAG for providing this Artist Proof to his second gallery in Europe, in Budapest. This A/P serigraph includes the Certificate of Authenticity issued (C.O.A.) by the gallery. Also, the only one we had here in Budapest, was sold in March 2022 to an American collector (Studio Proof 17/30).

AVAILABLE AGAIN: One Trial Proof  (T/P 11/30) we have here in Budapest  as of 9-15-2022!

EDITION SIZE: 200 (2020)

C.O.A.: T/P 11/30 – E.A. (Epreuve d’esseai): 11/30

RETRO FRAMED SIZE: 52cm x 109cm


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RETRO-FRAME: Custom made 4cm wide brown with black textured wood frame with 2 cm wide orange wood fillet and covered with museum glass for archival longevity.


SHAG’s limited editions introduced in Budapest are produced using the silk-screen (serigraph) printing method. Serigraphy for additional color depth, saturation, density, and texture are a perfect match to SHAG’s painting style.

He is collaborating with Kolibri Art Studio, Inc. in Los Angeles for decades for unparalleled quality at enormous sizes for always a small, limited edition of 200 serigraphs only. Anywhere from 10 to 25 colors (some colors are printed twice for optimum quality) with hand color-separation, required 2 months to print since it is very labor-intensive to complete these unique editions. His media choice is always the US-made, 100% rag 2 or 4-ply “Rising Museum Board” brand, acid-free, thick archival paper, only with 2” margins left outside the live area. For the finish, SHAG requires a very expensive UV matte clear coat application made for silk-screen printing for preserving the extra longevity of the serigraph print.

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