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Charles Fazzino “LIBERTY IN THE CENTER OF IT ALL…NYC / MONOCHROME – 3D” (Framed size 60 x 80cm)


From the Empire State Building to the Guggenheim Museum, to Central Park, to Soho, to Wall Street our Lady Liberty guards our New York City. Charles Fazzino’s New York pop art collection is bustling and bright, playful, and passionate, mystical, and magical.

Our only one “LIBERTY IN THE CENTER OF IT ALL…N.Y.C. / MONOCHROME – 3D limited-edition (7/75 ALUPR) serigraph / mixed media collage is hand-signed and numbered by the Master of 3D Pop-art Charles Fazzino comes with a Certificate of Authenticity (C.O.A.) issued by Museum Editions, LTD. of New Rochelle, NY, USA.




FRAMED SIZE: 80cm x 60cm

AEROSPACE ALUMINIUM FRAME AND UV PLEXIGLAS COVER INFORMATION: The magnetic frame principle is the basis for all the German made HALBE frames, which consists of three main elements: base element, glass, and profile. The base element is a combination of a dimensional stable hard foam board and a sheet steel angular frame. Protruding edges facilitate the quick insertion and fixation of pictures, mats, and glass panes. The profile is made of aerospace aluminum. On the insides, special adhesive magnet strips ensure that the profile frame adheres to the base element coherently and perfectly during the insertion. Due to the permanent magnetic force, the secure function of the magnetic frame is maintained indefinitely. The artwork is double-matted 5 to 15 cm wide (complimenting the size of the art) with white acid-free mat boards. A 2 cm deep spacer is used to create the depth for the 3D base. The result is a look that keeps the art permanently “floated” in the center of the frame for archival longevity.

Covered for optimum archival purposes with RHÖM PLEXIGLAS® UV 100, an extremely scratch-resistant, weather-resistant, and highly transparent extruded sheet material made from acrylic (polymethylmethacrylate, PMMA).

CREATING THE EDITION: This 3-D artwork is silkscreen printed (serigraph) multiple times on 100% rag 2-ply or 4-ply US-made 100% cotton-rag “Rising Museum Board” stock and top layers on an English made “Somerset 290gsm” thinner rag-paper. The entire hand-pulled process always only a few hundred, generally 20-50 colors (some colors are printed twice for optimum quality) with full hand color-separation while maintaining precise color trappings. An edition requires 4-6 months to complete, mostly by Kolibri Art Studio Inc. atelier in Los Angeles, USA, working closely with Charles Fazzino at various stages for color and detail approvals.

All the individual pieces that make up the 3D layers of artwork are cut out by hand using an Exacto knife. They are carefully planned out, achievable only by the most skilled artisans trained for hours in FAZZINO’s methods techniques.

Special silicone glue is used for the layering in drop. A piece of art might only have two or three distinct layers of art, but the artwork may appear to have four, five, or more layers because of the variation in each drop’s height. The pieces are also glued slightly off-center to emphasize the 3D effect. After the artwork is made 3D, it is hand-embellished using acrylic paint glitters, diamond-dust and many-many sizable Swarovski crystals applied by hand  under Charles Fazzino’s direction.

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