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A WORLD OF PURE IMAGINATION • Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory by Paramount Picture 1971 (70cm x 120cm)

In partnership with Warner Brothers Studio™, Dark Hall Mansion Publishing and SHAG this edition takes fans back to 1971 and the original candy-colored film “Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory” based on the Roald Dahl children’s classic released by Paramount Pictures.

SHAG will take on the legendary factory scene that finds Mr. Wonka and his guests enjoying his incomparable chocolate factory. As always, SHAG not only pays homage to a classic but makes the piece his own. Be it Charlie’s discreet glance in the direction of everyone’s favorite naughty girl, Veruca Salt, or an excited Augustus Gloop not particularly taking heed of a quite SHAG’ish mother’s counsel, and his piece is eye candy indeed!

“A WORLD OF PURE IMAGINATION – Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory” is a very rare, to our knowledge it does not exist in Europe! This limited edition print with only 200 standard archival paper editions available worldwide. There is also an EXTREMELY RARE MIRROR PAPER EDITION WITH ONLY 15 CREATED on striking USA MIRI foil substrate. The edition was authorized by the Roald Dahl estate and Gene Wilder actor.

This limited edition serigraph (200 + 15 foil) is SOLD-OUT years ago. We sincerely thank Dark Hall Mansion Publishing and SHAG for hand-signing and numbering this only one P/P (2/2) to his 2nd gallery in Europe, in Budapest. This P/P serigraph include the Certificate of Authenticity/C.O.A. issued by the gallery.

EDITION SIZE:  15 MIRI chrome Foil (2016)

C.O.A.: P/P 2/2 – E.I. (Epreuve d’imprimeur): 2/2

RETRO FRAMED SIZE: 65cm x 115cm


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CHROME RETRO-FRAME: Custom made 8cm wide chrome finished Italian frame, matted with 5cm acid-free archival mat boards covered with museum glass for archival longevity.


SHAG’s limited editions introduced in Budapest are produced using the silk-screen (serigraph) printing method. Serigraphy for additional color depth, saturation, density, and texture are a perfect match to SHAG’s painting style.

He is collaborating with Kolibri Art Studio atelier in Los Angeles for decades for unparalleled quality at enormous sizes for always a small, limited edition of 200 serigraphs only. Anywhere from 10 to 25 colors (some colors are printed twice for optimum quality) with hand color-separation, required 2 months to print since it is very labor-intensive to complete these unique editions. His media choice is always the 100% rag 2 or 4-ply acid-free museum boards only with 5cm margins left outside the live area. Here, a special 270 GSM weight american MIRI mirror paper was used for the foil part of the edition.

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